Download the brochure here (German only):

BRM Brochure 2019
BRM Factsheet

Use the adjacent form to order your free printed brochure and a entry form / payment slip. Participants from last year’s Bodensee-Radmarathon and anyone who requested the brochure last year will automatically receive it.

The brochures will be sent in May. Brochure requests made after initial sending date will be sent once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Requesting the brochure is free and does not mean you are signed-up for the event.

PLEASE NOTE when requesting your brochure:

  • Do not use any special characters (è é à ä ö ü etc)
  • Use normal address format (ie: 123 Street Name)
  • Country: use CH, D, A etc.
  • Replace “ß” with “ss”

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