Groups of 2 to 9 people

A group is defined as having at least 2 people. Groups should pay their entry fee together as a single payment (please see banking co-ordinates). At the time of paying the entry fee, the group should fill out and send the Group Entry Form (PDF or Excel) to the Administration via e-mail, fax, or by post. The name of the person paying the entry fee should be clearly indicated on the form.

Starting Cards will be available at the group’s Starting Point, organised under the payer’s name.

Groups of 10 or more people

Groups of ten or more participants have the same conditions as for groups of 2 to 9 people. In addition, these groups can choose one of the following group bonuses (to be indicated on the Group Entry Form and taken into account when calculating the total Entry Fee to be paid):

Group Bonus 1:
Every 10th participant is free + small souvenir prize

Group Bonus 2:
Every 10th participant is free + small pasta basket

Group Bonus 3:
Large souvenir prize equal to the value of Group Bonus 1

Group Bonus 4:
Large pasta basket equal to the value of Group Bonus 3

Souvenir prizes consist of either a glass or small trophy.